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About the airport


Odesa International Airport (IATA: ODS, ICAO: UKOO) – is of the largest airports in Ukraine, IATA, ICAO, ICI Europe and Association “Airports of Ukraine” member.

Passenger terminal with capacity of 400 passengers per hour is designed for international and domestic flights handling. Passenger flow of 2018 was 1 million 446 thousand passengers.

The Airport is equipped with air traffic control aids, radio landing systems, light-signaling equipment, meteorological equipment under applicable laws of Ukraine.

New aerodrome complex

By the end of 2019 all flights from Odesa will be performed from a new passenger terminal. Also, a new runway will be completed.

There will be 26 check-in desks in the new terminal, which will allow to increase passenger flow from 400 to 1000 pass/hour and to 3,5 mln/year — almost twice as much as throughout 2018. Apart from that — 4 telescopic passageways, 8 gates, and 1150 places parking lot will be provided.

As for the runway — its new radio landing systems, light-signaling and meteorological equipment will provide round-the-clock operation by ICAO 3rd Category (now it's only 1st) and accommodate flights of D category: mid- to long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet airliners like Boeing-767 aircrafts.

Brief history of Odesa airport

Odesa International Airport accommodated its first passenger flight in 1924. But actually, its history dates back to 1908, when Arthur Anatra, an entrepreneur and aviation amateur, bought a plot of land in a steppe near Odesa, placed a repair and assembling workshop, and then a "school" airfield for training and test flights. Interestingly, the name "School" has stuck to the airfield and even became official.

On May 21st, 1924 airfield “School” accommodated first technical flight, on May 25th — the very first passenger one. Since then, the history of the airport, which is now one of the largest in Ukraine has begun.

Although this was not always the case. It was not even the main airport in Odesa until in 1961, when a runway of 2800 meters, a platform, and a building of the terminal were built on the territory of the "School" airfield. The same year airport began to accommodate airplanes The Tupolev Tu-104. Only three airports of the Ukrainian SSR could then accommodate airliners of this type — and Odesa airport was one of them.