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Baggage room

Odesa airport passengers can leave their baggage in the baggage room, which is in the departure lounge. Baggage room is available 24/7 without a break.

Storage charge for one piece of baggage regardless its size and weight is 133 UAH per day.

You can leave your baggage in any package, securing its storage, eliminating free access to its content, damage or contamination other passengers’ luggage and baggage room equipment.

We do not accept for storage:

  • explosives, flammables, poisonous substances;
  • perishables;
  • weapon and ammunition;
  • money, documents, valuables;
  • live animals and animal origin products.

Baggage room officers will not be liable for valuables, documents and perishables left for storage.

After leaving your baggage, you will receive a numbered ticket with the quantity of baggage and the section number of its storage for further identification and return.

If you lose the baggage ticket, you should fill in the declaration, show your papers and prove ownership of certain belongings in order to return your baggage.

For enquiries please call: +38 (050) 494-66-76