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Crossing of the State Border

When entering Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons must complete compulsory check-in and fill in the Immigration Card.

You can fill in the card

  • at the checkpoint of the state border during the entrance into Ukraine;
  • in a transport vehicle of international connection;
  • any other convenient place, having downloaded the card in advance.

The immigration card is filled in by a foreigner or by a person without citizenship personally regardless of their age, or as an exception – by a person who accompanies disabled people or infants. After the procedure, part of the card remains with the foreign citizen, the second one – at the passport control point. The card must be kept for the whole period of stay in Ukraine and handed over at the checkpoint of the State Border of Ukraine upon departure.

The following documents are also required for entry into Ukraine:

  • international passport;
  • a document for returning to the state of citizenship or residence (in case of loss of a passport document on the territory of Ukraine);
  • Ukrainian visa (for citizens of states with visa procedures for travel).

Except for citizens of Turkey and Georgia, who from 01.03.2019 according to international treaties, have the right to enter, exit, stay within the period established by law, on the basis of valid passport documents in the form of ID-card.

Registration period for foreign nationals with a visa-free entry procedure is 90 days, with a visa procedure – for the entire duration of visa, but not more than 6 months.

For citizens of Ukraine we recommend to familiarize with the rules of passport control of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on the website

For enquiries please contact the representatives of the State Border Guard of Odesa airport by tel: +38 (048) 239-34-70