Now in Odesa:

Flight check-in

As you are ready to leave for the airport, please ensure you’ve picked your passport, ticket, visa (if needed) and passport of travel documents for children, if you travel with them.

Once in Odesa airport, please proceed to check-in desks 1-24 for international and domestic flights and baggage check-in.

As the check-in is over, you will receive a boarding pass with your first last name, carrier name, flight number, date, boarding time, gate and seat (if available) indicated.

Passengers who checked in online, should specify if they need to receive a boarding pass before takeoff.

Every aviation company sets its own check-in rules. Time frame of the check-in also depends on a carrier and amount of passengers on a particular flight.

Usually, international flights check-in begins 2 hours and ends 40-60 minutes before the aircraft departure. Domestic flights check-in starts 1,5 hour and ends 30 minutes prior to the takeoff.

If you arrive after check-in is closed or you won’t have the required travel documents, a carrier can refuse carriage to you.