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Live Animal and Plants Regulations

Rules for animals transportation often vary in different airlines and countries. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with your carrier and consulate of destination country before planning air travel with your pet.

However, there are common rules to follow:

  • for transportation of an animal, it is necessary to obtain permission of the airline for transportation;
  • after obtaining permission – you need to prepare а package of documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and the legislation of the country to which the animal is about to be exported;
  • take care also about a special container for the transportation of a pet.
  • Most air carriers provide the option of transporting animals both in the cabin and in a special baggage compartment. But there are companies, who give permission only for transportation in the cabin, which imposes restrictions on the weight and size of the animal.

Please note that the transportation of a pet is not included in the free hand baggage and baggage allowance – you must pay a special transportation fee. You can only travel free of charge with guide dogs and service dogs, regardless of their size and weight.

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